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Cheryl Fulop

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I would like to welcome you into a space where there will be no judgement, from me, around what has brought you into therapy. My journey has taught me that true expression and trust can only be nurtured in an environment of acceptance. I would like to provide the support than you need, in a friendly and caring way, to help you open up to the possibility of sharing yourself and your struggles with more ease.

Miriam Schacter

Miriam Schacter Psychotherapist

​​​​Disruptive relationships and life events can continue to have distressing effects until they are safely supported and worked through. Our collaborative dialogue can help amplify personal resources and shared sources of support as well as discover perspectives and ways of being to find relief from psychological distress or trauma. Throughout our therapeutic process, I support… Read more »

Lorraine Russell

I believe that each of us wants to be his or her "best self" every day, but at times in our lives that may be difficult to
do. Sometimes this is because of troubling interpersonal relationships or patterns that we ourselves participate in but
are unaware of. Developing awareness of these patterns, with a view to personal change and growth, is key to
enhancing day-to- day life. We will work together to think about how to reframe your experiences and help you to
achieve the necessary shifts toward the life that you wish to live.

Sally Wright

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My clients say that I am warm, non-judgemental and successful in helping them identify issues and solutions. I believe everyone has the answers to their own problems. I am committed to helping you find these answers.

Rosa Bergman

toronto psychotherapists

Therapy is a process where two hearts and two minds meet and where the client is encouraged to unfold and examine his or her life story. A therapist requires tenderness and maturity in working with clients, allowing the client to express, in his or her own time any number of emotions, so that healing and transformation can happen and they can begin to see themselves as unique human beings.

Maggie Fraser

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Our lives are our own personal stories. My job as a psychotherapist is to help you to understand, appreciate and live your story in ways that feel more vital, authentic and meaningful to you.

Melinda Upshur

toronto psychotherapists

Open a world of possibilities for yourself.
Entering therapy is an invitation to a deeper connection with yourself, with others and the world. As your therapist I will provide a supportive place for you to be seen, heard and understood in a new and healing way.
I welcome you to begin.

Valerie Gerechter

toronto psychotherapists

Therapy is about feeling better about yourself, extending to feeling better about your whole life situation. This may mean making changes in your life, or just learning to become comfortable with yourself. I work to create an atmosphere of trust between myself and my clients, supporting the individuals I work with to move forward in their lives.

Tom Barwell

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I work with a broad range of people, and offer Brief Therapy, Full Therapy, as well as on-line therapy. I’m non-judgmental, empathic and sincere. I’m also happy to offer a complimentary first meeting.

Heather Evans

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Have a particular life obstacle you’re trying to overcome? Sometimes, seeking help from a qualified professional is the best way to put things into perspective. As a committed, Registered Psychotherapist, your well-being and mental strength is my number one priority – and I’m happy to guide you through all of life’s challenges. I offer all my clients the attention and care they deserve, and have all the tools and expertise to help you get ahead. I offer in office, telephone and skype sessions.

Olga Van Kranendonk

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I am an experienced and caring therapist, working with individuals on a range of issues, from anxiety, addiction and aging to trauma, loss, parenting and relationship problems.

Hayley Fisher Rochwerg

toronto psychotherapists

I believe that when people understand themselves better, it allows them to create positive change, recognize negative patterns, and make more positive life choices. In my work with clients, I aim to create a deeper self-understanding through a strong, non-judgmental, therapeutic relationship. with which to approach problems.

Luisa Anoja

I consider therapy to be a privileged space for both therapist and client. Everyone experiences a difficulty at some point in their lives. Seeking therapy is a healthy way of overcoming your obstacles and finding your path to wellness. I strive to help individuals, couples and families traverse tough transitions of life in the smoothest way possible. I provide my clients a safe, respectful and non-judgemental environment to explore the issues and to find solutions.