Lori Russell

My Approach

My primary mode of therapy is Relational Psychotherapy. Generally in this mode of therapy, we acknowledge that
we are all shaped by our experiences, both early in life and later on. In that sense, we have learned “how to be”,
often in terms of what others expect or want us to be. Many of us get to a point where we want to operate less from
how others define us or what they expect of us, and to instead meet life on our own terms. In therapy, we explore all
of these patterns, try to tune into your inner self, and figure out what shift might need to take place.

About You

Specific Needs -You may seek therapy in order to work on specific issues such as anxiety, depression, grief,
personal relationships, problems at work, etc. We can work on these issues primarily through the use of Relational
Psychotherapy, while drawing on some other therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).
Transitional Needs -You may be facing a major transition in your life – e.g. marriage, divorce, change of employment,
retirement – and feel that you need expert, guided support to work through your understandably complex feelings
about this change. We can together “unpack” your feelings about such a change in a way that helps you to
understand them and help to make some informed choices in dealing with these situations.

Self-Awareness – Perhaps you can’t point to any one thing that is troubling you, but you feel generally overwhelmed,
sad, anxious or fearful. Or perhaps you see yourself repeating certain patterns in your life that are not satisfying to
you, but you want to understand why you are doing so. We can collaborate to understand you just a little bit better,
and work through some alternative responses that will be more productive for you.

About Me

I am a Registered Psychotherapist in Toronto, and I work with couples and individuals over the age of eighteen. I
hold a diploma from the Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy and I am a member of the Canadian
Association for Psychodynamic Therapy.
Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, I was a senior financial and operating executive for several years with very
successful Canadian businesses in the marketing and travel service industries. The best part of my work in that field
was managing, leading, and fostering the development of other people. It’s that aspect of helping people that has led
me to become a psychotherapist:  I shifted careers from the corporate world to psychotherapy because I really
wanted to continue to help make a positive difference in the lives of others, and at an even deeper level.

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