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What would Jung make of 2018?

Even if you don’t agree with every detail of Carl Jung’s writing, he’s worth reading out of consideration for an alternative point of view on our present cultural situation.  Jung lived and wrote through the Second World War, a time when hate and tribalism erupted into destruction.  His conclusions don’t really appear as a part… Read more »

Othering: beneath the tentacles of discrimination

This week, I came across an “ism” that surprised me. The word I found was “sanism” – the prejudice and discrimination against those who suffer from mental illness. Why hadn’t I heard this word before, I thought? After all, I’m a psychotherapist, and the ill-treatment of those who are suffering in the sphere of mental… Read more »

Loneliness, Belonging & the Hunt for Admiration

We are tribal creatures. For thousands of years, human beings have depended upon living in groups in order to survive. When we exist successfully with other people, we gain a deep sense of belonging that is fundamental to human wellbeing. When we gain true acceptance, we don’t have to compulsively seek attention. We can just… Read more »

Objectification: Monster in the Shadows

Current events in our culture or family lives can lead many of us to raise our hands in despair, and ask: “Why do (other!) people never learn?” Things can seem so bad, on so many fronts that we can feel overwhelmed and powerless. This article is intended to highlight a connection between prevailing problems we… Read more »

The Narcissist Survivors’ Club

This is the phrase I sometimes have in my mind when I think about my practice, and about therapy in general. It doesn’t describe everyone who comes to therapy, but both the incidence and the suffering involved are considerable. It is deeply instructive to me that so many people facing struggles in life have suffered… Read more »

Scapegoating & Group Narcissism

We tend to look at the great societal challenges we face in isolated, fragmented terms.  Racism, homophobia, religious intolerance, sexism, inequality, organized crime, nationalism – individual fights and movements are underway in courageous attempts to make the world a better place, but they are issues that are often seen as distinct, separate in their identity,… Read more »

Looking for Therapy?

if you are feeling anxious, depressed or angry, have suffered trauma, or are unhappy with your life’s path, a Toronto psychotherapist can help you reshape your future. Choosing the right therapist is as important as making the decision to see one in the first place. Not only will you want to be assured that your… Read more »

Depression: Is it Really a Disease?

Melancholia, the word written in the engraving by Durer shown here (1514), is an old name for what we now call Depression.  The word originates from the Greek, meaning “Black bile”.  People thought that this “bile” was the bodily cause of depressive states.   But bile was not the only supposed cause of this mysterious… Read more »

How Does Therapy Work? Eco-Systems of Mental Health

As a psychotherapist I am often asked the question, “How does therapy work?” There is no quick and easy answer to this question. Every modality of therapy is different and each therapist works differently within these modalities. Even my own approach will be different from client to client depending on the individual needs and personality… Read more »