Cheryl Fulop

I believe that human beings are all fundamentally shaped by our early environments. If our early environments were narcissistic, chaotic, unsafe or created by addictive behaviours, the conditions to thrive in were less than optimal for us. These failures in development can keep us stuck, as we move through life, and can impede our growth as creative and vital individuals. If you are experiencing overwhelming feelings, struggling to fully engage in the world or having difficulty establishing and maintaining relationships, therapy could be of help to you. It takes courage to enter into a therapy. If we allow ourselves to sit with what is moving in us, in the presence of an attuned and non-judgmental listener, the gentle uncovering of who we truly are will have a chance to emerge.

About Me

I am a psychodynamically trained psychotherapist, warm and open. I am a Registered Psychotherapist with the CRPO and a graduate of The Centre for Psychotherapy. The extensive training, that I received, included broad academic theory, experiential learning, training group therapy and was relational and attachment focused. I bring to my practice a long personal therapeutic history, a solid relational capacity and valuable life experience, all of which has supported growth and lasting change in my clients. Freeing ourselves of burdensome emotional patterning, within a safe therapeutic alliance, will open the space for something new. I am committed to the work of Psychotherapy and invite you to join me in establishing a compassionate therapeutic relationship, where you will be able to explore and experience yourself in a unique way.

My Commitment To You

It is my role, as your therapist, to listen to whatever you bring to your therapy; your feelings and thoughts, your dreams, your tone of expression, and the seemingly unimportant details of your daily life. It is also my purpose to be mindful to all of these factors as they are meaningful in weaving together your unique story. I am also an interested participant, as we are in the therapy space together. As the relationship between you and I deepens, over time, by the sharing of your truth, freedom is imminent. Your creativity and true potential lie beneath your internal struggles and I will help you uncover them as we proceed in building our therapeutic alliance.

People See Me For

Loss / Grief
Eating Disorders
Chronic pain
Relationship issues
Self- esteem
Separation / Divorce


Relational therapy
Psychodynamic therapy

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244 Dupont St
Toronto, ON.

176 St. George st.
Toronto, ON.

(416) 766-9667

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