Melinda Upshur

Our early experiences of being unseen, unheard and misunderstood profoundly shape our way of being in the world. We have within us complex and layered connections with these experiences which we carry with us throughout our lives.

We may feel invisible. We may yearn for a loving relationship. We may wonder why we are here.

Psychotherapy provides a safe place to explore these connections. New meanings of old experiences become possible within this process.

How I work

I see

you beyond the limitations you have been living with.

I listen

to you with an experienced ear to what lies beneath words.

I accompany

you to what you already know about yourself but have been unable to reach alone.

About me

I am a graduate of The Centre for Training  in Psychotherapy and a clinical member of CAPT

A life long learner, I became a psychotherapist later in my adult life after varied career and life experiences. These include working with young children, engaging in community work and raising raising a family.

At the heart of these experiences is my connection to and deep interest in people of all ages. It is reflected in my practice where I have the pleasure of working with a broad range of individuals; women and men both youth and adults.

I welcome you to contact me.

Entering therapy is challenging. It requires a commitment of your time, your emotional energy and your financial resources. It is a commitment to a process I know to be deeply rewarding.



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