Mia Sheard


I provide a space where you can explore your feelings, be heard and supported with compassion. I work in the present moment, and include all aspects of what it means to be human: your body, mind and spirit. I’ll provide you with feedback, so you can gain new awareness. My approach is creative, relational, and I bring humour into my sessions.

We dont often get the support we need — whether its because were so good at being an army of one, dont trust that others will come through for us, or because it just isnt there. I provide support for my clients by listening carefully, by being there with you – in all your feelings, by challenging you gently to try something new, and by accepting you as you are.


I was trained at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. Gestalt is a holistic therapeutic approach, and what I would describe as very human. I see my clients as individuals, each with unique ways of surviving. Our life stories are in our bodies, and I approach therapy somatically, as well as emotionally and verbally. I include myself in the session by offering feedback on what I observe and experience. As part of my training, I received over 50 hours of my own therapy, and know what it’s like to be a client. This is where I gained my deep respect for the process.


I am a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, and have been seeing clients for over 7 years. My clients have described me as honest, present and warm.

Some of my clients are interested to know I also work in the arts as a professional singer, and run a group voice workshop called “Breaking the Sound Barrier – A Workshop on Finding Your Voice.”

I work with individuals and couples. I see clients from many different backgrounds and life experiences. All are welcome.

I am covered under some extended health care plans.

My space is a 3-minute walk from Pape subway station in Riverdale.






Relationship issues


Grief and loss

Creative impasses

Life changes



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