Sally Wright

Do you feel your life is not working out the way you planned? Do you want to try to figure out what the best, next step might be? Are you curious about how to look at your problems as opportunities for change? Psychotherapy can help.

Why Me?

I am a caring and practical therapist with an ability to listen to your particular story with new insight. I will help you understand your issue more completely by pointing out connections and patterns you might not have seen before. You will gain clarity and in time, feel empowered to make the changes that are most appropriate for you.

I practice psychodynamic, psychotherapy using various modalities including attachment theory, trauma theory (SPI Level 11),hypnotherapy and dream therapy. I work with individuals of all ages and with couples. I work with those who have experienced emotional and physical trauma.

Why therapy?

It is said that two heads are better than one but for many this seems difficult to accept. You may be very successful in certain parts of your life. This may make it easier for you to push other, troubling issues aside. This strategy never works indefinitely and ultimately your issues will begin to manifest in other areas of your life. Your relationships may be affected, your health or professional life may begin to falter or you may feel less creative and less alive. Therapy can help. It will leave you better able to understand your challenges and, perhaps more importantly, to face them with new vigour.