Priya Shah

Going to speak with a therapist takes a lot of courage and can be an important first step towards exploring meaningful and complex issues in life. I am trained to sit with my clients, and whatever they bring to our sessions. As a Music Therapist Accredited and qualifying Registered Psychotherapist trained in the Gestalt approach, I use a combination of verbal and music psychotherapy to explore and work through feelings and concerns. I practice empathy, acceptance, and curiosity with my clients, working collaboratively to develop a trusting and safe therapeutic relationship.

Camilla Burgess

Camilla Burgess Therapist

As a therapist, I offer a kind, non-judgmental setting where clients can safely reveal their thoughts and feelings. For me, therapy has two basic objectives: Wisdom and Integrity. Wisdom is the combination of knowledge and experience, applied thoughtfully to life situations. With the help of an aware, accepting psychotherapist, self-reflection comes more easily, paving the way for positive change. Integrity is a state of wholeness. When we are overtaken by inner conflict, we easily succumb to anxiety, addictions, depression or despair. Psychotherapy is an integrative process that helps re-establish wholeness.

Miriam Schacter

Miriam Schacter Psychotherapist

​​​​Disruptive relationships and life events can continue to have distressing effects until they are safely supported and worked through. Our collaborative dialogue can help amplify personal resources and shared sources of support as well as discover perspectives and ways of being to find relief from psychological distress or trauma. Throughout our therapeutic process, I support… Read more »

Valerie Gerechter

Valerie Gerechter Toronto psychotherapists

Therapy is about feeling better about yourself, extending to feeling better about your whole life situation. This may mean making changes in your life, or just learning to become comfortable with yourself. I work to create an atmosphere of trust between myself and my clients, supporting the individuals I work with to move forward in their lives.

Tom Barwell

I work with a broad range of people, and offer Brief Therapy, Full Therapy, as well as on-line therapy. I’m non-judgmental, empathic and sincere. I’m also happy to offer a complimentary first meeting.

Maggie Fraser

Maggie Fraser Toronto psychotherapists

Our lives are our own personal stories. My job as a psychotherapist is to help you to understand, appreciate and live your story in ways that feel more vital, authentic and meaningful to you.

Melinda Upshur

Melinda Upshur Psychotherapists

Open a world of possibilities for yourself.
Entering therapy is an invitation to a deeper connection with yourself, with others and the world. As your therapist I will provide a supportive place for you to be seen, heard and understood in a new and healing way.
I welcome you to begin.