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Therapy is a very personal journey. At its best, it helps to bring what’s unconscious into conscious awareness. Through therapy we can grow to understand why we’re in the dynamics that we’re in, why we feel stuck in life, why we’re depressed. We become more aware of the internal dialogue that may be holding us back. The work can also help build structure in life if that’s what’s wanted.


It’s hard to summarize the process because each person is so different and individual. The journey isn’t easy; it requires courage and strength and the ability to look at yourself rationally. Psychotherapy works well for people who have the capacity to explore, ask questions, be curious about who they are and why they are; people who are capable of reasoning and of exploring different solutions. Humour is an important part of the process; but at the same time, therapy involves genuinely wanting to know yourself at a deeper level and improve your situation.

I think of therapy in terms of peeling back the layers of an onion. As a client, you find that you keep coming back to the same issues and talking about the same thing over and over, and this can feel frustrating. But the therapist always hears it differently. You may continue to talk about the same things, but each time with a little more insight, a little more awareness, little more ability not to be controlled by it. Your story about your past doesn’t change, but your understanding of it does – and this changes your future.

I believe in the therapeutic process. It’s better than advice. It’s about helping people find their own way instead of finding it for them, which never works. We all have an inner knowing, and part of the therapist’s job is to help people find that. My role isn’t to be supportive, and it isn’t to be encouraging; it’s to be there with you, the client – wherever “there” is – in a compassionate and sensitive way. I aim to provide an environment where you will be heard.

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