Sylvia Kraus

In by Rachel Di Martino


Moving toward the essence of what we are enables us be more genuine and creative: to act more spontaneously, to feel more intensely and above all to live life more meaningfully in the present.

Therapy with Sylvia Kraus

Whether you’re struggling with personal relationships, overwhelming stress, a major life transition or loneliness there is hope. As a challenging yet compassionate, interpersonally focused therapist, I am here to help guide you on a path toward change and self-discovery.

I provide a non-judgmental and affirming place to land that fosters your self-awareness and I offer guidance and support as you take meaningful steps to improve the quality of your life.

I prefer to think of people as “stuck” not “sick,” and with insight into long-standing patterns we can all begin to change behaviors and improve our relationships.

The Therapy Process (as I see it…)

Unconscious needs and core beliefs form our behavioural patterns and motivate most of our actions and decisions. Discovering how we might be misdirected by these beliefs and finding healthier ways to address our needs is essential for the preservation and vitality of our spirit. Once grounded in the centre of our being, we access an intrinsic resilience and determination that enables us to rise with grace to any challenge where making the right decisions and choices becomes effortless.

About Sylvia

I am a registered psychotherapist and Conscious Uncoupling Coach practicing in Toronto and from my farm near Carlisle, Ontario.
Over the course of twenty years, I have received comprehensive training in a variety of psychodynamic, emotional, somatic and spiritual modalities meant specifically to provide the most effective, integrative support necessary to resolve your current struggles and long standing issues.

People see me for:

  • Intimacy and relationship challenges
  • Marriage/premarital issues
  • Anxiety and phobias
  • Shame and self-esteem and personal growth
  • Emotional and behavioural problems
  • Childhood wounding and Developmental Trauma
  • Depression, grief, and loss
  • Parenting skills
  • Conscious Uncoupling Coaching ™

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